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Choi, Kim, Min, and Kim: Isolated Symptomatic Scapho-Lunate Coalition without Accompanying Anomalies


A carpal coalition that indicates the fusion of two carpal bones resulting from the failure of differentiation is a rare condition compared to the tarsal coalition. The most common carpal coalition is the luno-triquetral coalition, followed by the capitate-hamate coalition. Most of these coalitions are usually asymptomatic. Thus far, only a few cases of a coalition between the scaphoid and lunate with accompanied anomalies in the ipsilateral hand, such as accessory carpal bone or ray deficiency, have been reported. We present, for the first time, a case of a symptomatic isolated scapho-lunate coalition without any accompanying anomalies.

Figures and Tables

Figure 1

Limitation of dorsiflexion of the right wrist.

Figure 2

(A) Simple posterolateral radiograph showing decreased scapho-lunate joint space with blurring of the margin (arrow). (B) Lateral radiograph showing a suspicious bony lesion on dorsal side of the lunate (arrow). L, left; R, right.

Figure 3

(A) Computed tomography (CT) axial view showing partial bony connection of the scaphoid and lunate at the dorsal side. (B) Three-dimensional reconstruction of a CT scan showing the scapho-lunate coalition.



CONFLICTS OF INTEREST The authors have nothing to disclose.


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Jeong Hwan Kim

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