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Park, Oh, Hyun, and Yun: A Survey Study of Nursing Information Systems Implementation in Korean Hospitals


This study was conducted to explore the status of nursing information systems implementation in Korean hospitals. Structured questionnaires were mailed to the 411 hospitals with more than 80 beds. Data were tabulated using descriptive procedure. Out of 411 hospitals, 116 hospitals replied. Out of 116 replied hospitals 114 hospitals indicated that they have some kind of hospital information system implemented. 86 hospitals have computerized their outpatient care management system and 84 hospitals have computerized their inpatient care management system. And 70 hospitals replied that they have some form of nursing information systems. Most components in the nursing information system are the ones related to other department with only a few nursing specific tasks being computerized. Order communication system was ranked the first as a task to be computerized with nursing history. nursing record. nursing care plan, daily report following. Nursing department of the sixty hospitals reflect their input in nursing information system development by participating a hospital wide adhoc committee. And 32 hospitals have their own committee to discuss issues related to nursing information system development. Eleven hospitals reported that they have nurse information and 17 hospitals have dispatched nurses to the information department. And 25 hospitals said that they are not involved at all in nursing information system development. Sixty-two hospitals indicated that the N have some form of computer education programs for nurses: 28 have regular in-service education programs 34 have irregular in-service education programs: and 29 have education programs for the newly employed.

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