Journal List > J Korean Soc Med Inform > v.6(4) > 1103610

Kim, Lee, Min, Lee, and Hong: A Comparative Analysis of Heart Rate Variability of Electrocardiogram and Pulse-wave Using Time Series


The estimation of power spectrum based on the heart rate variability is studied to evaluate the variation of the tension and physiological workloads by the activity of the autonomic system as evaluation parameter. In this paper, we made an attempt to apply the pulse wave to estimate the variation of physiological condition quantitatively instead of the evaluation of power spectrum of HRV through electrocardiogram in the past by comparing and analyzing time series data for the similarity of the heart rate of electrocardiogram and pulse wave. For the similarity of two signals, we can get the likeness by calculating an average, a variance, a correlation coefficient, and the power peak and the shape of power spectral density from the time series data. In the experimental result, it is shown that same subject have a similar variation of time series and power spectrum density for electrocardiogram and pulse wave. As a result, it is expected to estimate a change of the tension and physical condition quantitatively through the evaluation of a power ~pectrum of HRV by Pulse Wave in the future.

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