Journal List > J Korean Soc Med Inform > v.9(4) > 1103231

Jung, Yoo, Kim, Yun, and Kim: Design of Mobile Emergency Telemedicine System Based on CDMA2000 1X-EVDO


Using a high bandwidth cellular communication network is appropriate to implement a high-quality mobile emergency telemedicine system. In Korea, the commercial service of CDMA2000 1X-EVDO has been providing since 2002. In this paper, we designed the system that transfers the biological signal and the video information of a patient simultaneously based on this CDMA2000 1X-EVDO network environment. In CDMA2000 1X-EVDO, the maximum speed of its reverse link can be observed within 153.6Kbps. Before the system design, several field tests had been performed using commercial CDMA2000 1X-EVDO reverse link with the UDP data segments. The test had been taken under several velocity and tunnel areas of Seoul. With the test result we implemented an efficient emergency telemedicine system fitted to the features of CDMA2000 1X-EVDO reverse link using UDP packets. Additional header information is added to the UDP packet data. With the header information the emergency system can transmits the ECG signal prior to the video data and controls the transmission error. The designed system has the ability to transmit both the biological signals and MPEG4 video of 640x480 spatial resolution at the same time. We set up the ambulance with this system and test it on the road.

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