Journal List > J Korean Soc Med Inform > v.9(4) > 1103229

Kim, Yang, Lee, and Lee: A Development of Intelligent Picture Archiving Communication System that Embedded Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Speech Recognition


The rapid technological progress in the fields of computer and engineering has accelerated the medical society to introduce a new advanced paradigm in handling medical information. This paper describes a fully integrated Computer Aided Diagnosis, Speech Recognition/PACS system running on a single platform. We feel that the combination of Computer Aided Diagnosis, Speech Recognition and PACS in a fully integrated single platform has created a tremendous synergy, with process improvements that maximize the advantage s of three systems. The Computer Aided Diagnosis and the Speech Recognition included marked improvement in experiments turnaround time and cost saving for departments because of decreased transcription costs. Proposed system should help others complete the task of digitalizing a hospital information system and may be adaptable to other systems as well.

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