Journal List > J Korean Soc Med Inform > v.11(1) > 1103183

Shin, Min, Kim, and Lee: Down-Scaled 3D Medical Image Transfer System Using Instant Messenger



We have developed an instant messenger system that supports transmitting 3D medical image objects for telediagnostic use.


We used thresholding and down-scaling technique to build down-scaled 3D object with 80 sliced Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine(DICOM) images. And, we also construct instant messenger for medical data transfer and general communication. We measured total image size and transmission time which were decreased when applied peer to peer connection using instant messenger for medicine.


Our study showed that total DICOM image size was decreased around 1% and transmission time was also decreased by 1.59% when we use proposed system.


Proposed methods have a potential to be a useful tool in ubiquitous health network system. Also, we expect the synergy effect is increased by developing 3D object technique and security solutions.

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