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Huh, Kang, and Yun: Three Cases of True Splenic Cyst


Splenic cysts are uncommon and classified as either primary(true) or secondary(pseudo-) depending on the presence or absence of a true epithelial lining. True cysts (epidermoid cyst) of the spleen are very rare. Three cases of splenic cysts in childhood were treated at the Yeungnam University Hospital in the last eleven years(1989 - 1999). Two of patients were girls. The ages at diagnosis were 7, 12 and 15 years. Abdominal ultrasonography and computerized tomography were utilized for the diagnosis. Radionuclide scanning was performed in one patient. Surgical resection(one partial splenectomy and two total splenectomies) was performed. The sizes of cysts were 4, 6.5 and gem in maximum demension.

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