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Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Park, Park, Park, Park, Song, Yang, Oh, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Chang, Jung, Jung, Choi, Choi, Huh, and Hwang: Current Status of Pediatric Surgical Practice in Korea: a Survey among the Members of Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons


To understand the current status of pediatric surgical practice of the members of the Korean Association of Pediatric Sutgeons, a survey of the practice of the 31 members in both 1994 and 1995. Twenty five members(80%) representing 20 hospitals responded. An average of four hundred and seventy four cases pediatric surgical operations were performed at individual institution in 1995 with 40 newborn cases. Eighteen members(72%) ate currently working at university hospital. Fourteen institutions(70%) are currently classified as tertiary by the health insurance agency. The majority(l5 to 60%) of members are working in the metropolitan Seoul area, while five in Taegu area. Sixteen members reported having the title of department head/director. Four members reported occasional non-pediatric surgical practice. Nine members out of 20 reported having independent pediatric surgical out-patient clinic before the establishment of the association( 1985). Eight out of 15 members reported being appointed chief of pediatric surgery before 1985. In 20 institutions, 34 full time physicians(27 members, reportedly) are working in pediatric surgery. In regarding to pediatric surgical training, 16 members(64%) received an average of 16 months of training abroad, 5 members trained at home and abroad, and 4 from only at home. There are no differences in length of training periods in these groups. TWenty one members received their basic pediatric surgical training before 1985, the year of inauguration of the association. Twelve members received post-pediatric surgery refresher courses averaging 11 months' duration, after 2-11 years. Thirteen participants of this study belongs to the founding members of the association.

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