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Song, Lee, Ku, and Chun: Successful Treatment of an Iatrogenic Hepatic Arteriobiliary Fistula with an Endobiliary Covered Stent Graft: A Case Report


Hepatic arteriobiliary fistula is a rare cause of hemobilia following percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage for treatment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Hemobilia related to arterial injury is resistant to conservative treatment. Therefore, transarterial embolization after confirmation of bleeding vessels on an angiogram is generally considered as the first line of treatment to stop arterial bleeding. However, in high risk situations such as a hepatic infarction by arterial embolization, the endobiliary approach with a covered stent can be considered as an alternative treatment method. The authors report a case of iatrogenic arteriobiliary fistula in a patient with hilar cholangiocarcinoma which was successfully controlled by an endobiliary covered stent graft.


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