Journal List > J Korean Soc Radiol > v.60(4) > 1086594

Cho, Shim, Kim, Suh, Lee, Kim, Seo, and Lee: A Soft Tissue Chondroma Originating from the Dura Mater of the Lumbar Spinal Canal and it Mimicked a Nerve Sheath Tumor: A Case Report with the MR Imaging


Soft tissue chondromas are the benign chondro-osseous tumors of soft tissue that usually occur in the extra-osseous and extra-synovial regions of the extremities. We present here a rare location for a soft tissue chondroma that originated from the dura mater in the lumbar spinal canal, and it mimicked a nerve sheath tumor. We present here the MRI findings and pathologic features of this tumor.

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