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Kim and Kim: The Effect of Preparatory Information on the State Anxiety Depending on Coping Styles of Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization


The Purpose of this study was to study what effect providing the patient with preparatory concrete information had on the state anxiety depending on coping styles of patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. State Anxiety scores for 32 patients who had cardiac catheterization were examined after information was provided about the test using and audio tape. The state anxiety of patients who had a high trait anxiety level was compared to that of those who had a low trait anxiety level. The state anxiety of those who had a monitor type were compared to those of patients who had blunter type. The Trait and State Anxiety Scale of Spielberger Miller's Behavioral Style Scale, and Krantz's Health Opinion Survey and Visual Analog Scale(I, II) were used. Findings were as follows : 1. Among the demographic characteristics, gender difference of the patients was significantly different for the trait anxiety level. Female patients had higher trait anxiety level than male patients. 2. Analysis of state anxiety scores indicated that the mean score of the state anxiety prior to the test was higher than mean score of the state anxiety examined after the test. The difference was statistically significant. 3. Among the patients, 14 patients (43.7%) used monitor type, while 18 patients(56.3%) used blunter type. The means of preference for information measured on the Krantz' subscale was 2. 45. 4. The study results indicate that the state anxiety level of those who a low trait anxiety level was lower than that of those who had a high trait anxiety level. 5. State anxiety levels depending upon the kind of coping style which patients used during the test were not significantly different. This study did not identify the influence of preparatory concrete information on the state anxiety depending on coping styles, and there fore a quasi-experimental study using a large sample according to different types of information, and the amount of information, coping styles is recommended.

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