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Kim and Lee: Prosthodontic Treatment of Persons with Disabilities Under Dental Sedation and General Anesthesia


In most persons with disabilities had poor oral hygiene because of less attention and ability to perform a dental care. So the increased prevalence and severity of dental disease were common oral state. Although most persons with disabilities need a adequate dental treatment, it is often very difficult to treat because of noncooperativity and involuntary muscle movements. Dental treatments under sedation and general anesthesia were make to provide a high-quality dental service because of decreased anxiety and fear associated dental treatment in persons with disabilities. The dental professionals must be able to select and apply the proper sedation methods in agreement with the characteristics of the disabilities, general conditions, sedation experience and capacity of dentist, type and time of dental treatment, equipments of dental clinic, consent of patient's protector. The proshodontic treatment procedures, such as abutment preparation, dental impression taking process, try-in process of prosthesis and adjustment of occlusion, are difficult even for patients without disabilities. Those procedures are more difficult to patients with disability because it's too hard to control breathing and muscle. In this report, we performed prosthetic dentistry procedures to three patients with disabilities under dental sedation and general anesthesia.

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