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Baek: Differentiation of Gallbladder Cancer from Chronic Cholecystitis on Dual Phase MDCT



To evaluate the efficacy of dual phase MDCT findings to differentiate gallbladder cancer from chronic cholecystitis.


Dual phase MDCT findings in 45 patients(GB cancer, n=18, chronic cholecystitis, n=27) were retrospectively reviewed. The thickness, contour, involved extent, single or double layered pattern of wall thickening, enhancement degree of wall, degree of intrahepatic(IHD) and extrahepatic duct(EHD) dilatation, and other associated findings were evaluated.


Mean wall thickness was 14.7mm in cancer, and 5.5mm in cholecystitis(p=0.00). Irregular wall thickening(p=0.00), high enhancement of single layer of wall on arterial phase (p=0.00), associated mass(p=0.00), dilatation of IHD(p=0.00) and EHD(p=0.00), invasion to liver(p=0.01), larger diameter of GB(p=0.03), and pericholecystic fat infiltration(p=0.05) were significant to cancer. Associated stone(p=0.00), diffuse wall thickening(p=0.03), iso or low enhancement of outer layer of wall on venous phase(p=0.05) were significant to cholecystitis.


High enhancement of single layer of wall on arterial phase was significant to differentiate GB cancer from chronic cholecystitis with ancillary findings on dual phase MDCT.

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