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Choi, Rah, Seo, Choi, and Kim: A Cliniral Experience of Quadratus Femoris Muscle Pedicle Bone Graft in Nonunion and PatHologic Fracture of the Neck of Femur


In spite of the improvement for the treatment of femoral neck fracture, the incidence of noinion is more than 15%. There are several surgical methods for treating the nonunion of femoral neck fracture, they are:osteosynthesis, osteotomy, prosthetic replacement, total hip arthroplasty, hanging hip and arthrodesis and so forth. The muscle pedicle bone graft method fof the nonunion in femoral neck fracture was designed by Judet (1962) initially. This method is also applied for the patients with nonunion, possibility of nonunion, or avascular necrosis of femoral head. In this paper, the authors reported the results of muscle pedicle bone graft for the three cases of the nonunion in femoral neck fracture, and one case of pathologic fracture at SoonChunHyang Hospital during from April 1988 to August 1990. Two out of the three cases of femoral neck fracture were treated by Richard hip screw and the other was applied by multiple pinning.The cause of nonunion was inaccurate reduction and inadequate position of implant. Mean fracture, 4 days after injury, curretage and muscle pedicle bone grafting were performed. The complication were found leg length shortening and limitation of hip motion but painful walking was not noted. Clinical and radiological, bone union was obtainef at 6 months after the operation In according to Lunceford s assessment, all four cases showed satisfaGtory results.

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