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Park and Cha: Clinical Study on the Fractures of the Femoral Neck in Children


The femoral neck fracture in children is rare and occurred by severe trauma and the treatment method & prognosis anre different from adult, and it is difficult to treat due to frequent complication, which is so called unsolved fracture.
Twelve cases of childrens femoral neck fracture were treated at Chon buk National University Hospital from July, 1981 to May, 1988 were analysed clinically and radiologically and following results were obtained.
1. The commonest ang was between the age of 14 and 16 years and the ratio of boys & girls was 2:1.
2. The main cause of fracture was traffic accident(6 cases) and fall down was 5 cases and slip down was 1 case.
3. According to the Delbet & Colonas classification, the transcervical fracture was most common type and displaced fracture was 8 cases.
4. Associated injuries were extremity fracture(3 cases), etc.
5. Seven cases were treated by open reduction and internal fixation and five cases by cast immobilization after skin or skeletal traction.
6. The most common complication was coxa vara(5 cases) & other complications were avascular necrosis of femoral head(3 cases), premature epiphyseal closure(3 cases) and nonunion(2 cases).
7. According to Ratliffs assessment of results, eight cases were good, two fair & two poor.
8. Secondary operation(muscle pedicle bone graft, corrective subtrochanteric valgus osteotomy) was done in three cases and showed one good result, one fair result and one poor result.

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