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Kim, Choi, Noh, and Kong: The Clinical Signifiance of Bone Scan in Fracture Diagnosis


Most of fracture is easily diagnosed by simple roentgenological studies. However, certain fracture, especially rib and spine are not well definable in scout film desite the suspicious clinical findings. For these cases, we can confirm the fracture by use of whole body bone scan, CT scan and M.R.I We performed Tc bone scan and found out 27 cases of the definite fracture that were considered contusion at initial roentgenological studies from March 1987 to April 1988.
We present the following results:
1. In general, the incidence of positive findings on bone scan is higher by the 7 days after trauma.
2. The bone scan is especially valuable for detection of occult rib and spine fracture.
3. It is necessary to perform the interval bone scan in the case of clinically suspicious fracture even if negative initial bone scan.

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