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Choi, Kim, Kim, Hur, Han, Cho, and Kim: Clinicopathologic Analysis of Remnant Gastric Cancer after Distal Partial Gastrectomy: Experience of Single Center during 15 Years



Remnant gastric cancer (RGC) are generally detected at advanced stages or infiltration of adjacent organs. We retrospectively reviewed the surgical outcomes and clinicopathologic results of remnant gastric cancers that have operated during fourteen years in one institution of Korea.

Materials and Methods

34 patients who were diagnosed with RGC at Ajou University Hospital from April 1995 to October 2009 were enrolled. We analyzed the features of previous operation, and according to these results, surgical outcomes and clinicopathologic results for RGC were analyzed.


Of 34 patients, 20 patients had previously undergone distal gastrectomy for malignant disease, and 14 patients for benign disease. The period between previous operation and surgery for RGC in the patients underwent operation for malignant disease was shorter than that in benign patients (P<0.001). In surgical field, 31 patients (91.0%) were resected and curative resection was possible in 23 patients (67.6%). When 31 patients who underwent resection for RGC were divided into previous malignant and benign disease, there was no significantly different in terms of surgical outcomes and pathologic findings between two groups. Meanwhile, the patients who recently (after 2005) underwent surgery for RGC showed less advanced stage compared with the patients who underwent surgery before 2004.


Resection was possible in the higher proportion (91.0%) of patients diagnosed with RGC compared with previous reports. The cause of previous operation did not effect on the surgical outcomes for surgery of RGC. Recent trend of RGC is to increase the proportion of early stage gastric cancer. Therefore, surgeons should consider curatively surgical resection for RGC the regardless of pattern of previous operation.

Figures and Tables

Fig. 1
Flow sheet of this retrospective study.
Table 1
Characteristics of patients and operations (n=34)

op = operation; RGC = remnant stomach cancer.

Table 2
Patients' characteristics and surgical results of resected remnant gastric cancer (n=31)

*AJCC 6th edition.

Table 3
Clinical and pathologic results according to time of operation (n=31)

FU = follow up. *AJCC 6th edition.


The substance of this article was presented in the post session of the Korean Gastric Cancer Association Congress on April 23, 2010.

Authors were awareded a prize for superior presentation winner.


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Hoon Hur

Sang-Uk Han

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