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Choi, Lee, Kim, and Choi: Indirect Repair with Surgicel® and Fibrin Glue for Postoperative Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage after Cervical Anterior Foraminotomy - A Case Report -


Study Design

A case report.


To report a case of indirect repair of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage after cervical anterior foraminotomy using Surgicel® and fibrin glue.

Summary of Literature Review

There is no single modality that is best practice for this type of case because it is difficult to apply primary repair for a case of CSF leakage after cervical anterior decompression.

Materials and Methods

A 49-year-old female patient was diagnosed with CSF leakage on the second day after cervical anterior foraminotomy. We performed coverage with Surgicel® and fibrin glue at the CSF leak site.


The patient was treated with indirect repair of CSF leakage without any complications. The clinical and radiological outcomes were excellent upon follow-up 1 year postoperatively.


Indirect repair using Surgicel® and fibrin glue is an effective treatment for postoperative CSF leakage after cervical anterior foraminotomy.


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Fig. 1.
A preoperative magnetic resonance image showed C5-6 foraminal stenosis and C6-7 herniated nucleus pulposus.
Fig. 2.
A postoperative radiograph showed interbody fusion with a cage at C5-6, total disc replacement (TDR) at C6-7, and notably, extensive pretracheal space widening (arrow).
Fig. 3.
(A) Erythematous swelling occurred at the neck. (B) Postoperative computed tomography revealed a 7.8×1.5-cm fluid collection (white ar-row) at the prevertebral area. ∗Hemovac line (block arrow).
Fig. 4.
No CSF leakage was detectable after coverage with Surgicel® and fibrin glue at C5-6 (arrow).
Fig. 5.
(A) A lateral radiograph on postoperative day 10 shows improvement of the pretracheal space widening (arrow). (B) No specific fluid collection was visible at the prevertebral area on the second postoperative computed tomogram.
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