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Kim: Trend of Publications in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: A Bibliographic Analysis of Korean Literature Retrieved with KoreaMed and PubMed


This study was conducted to determine the trend of domestic and overseas literature in microbiology and infectious diseases published by Korean researchers over the past five decades. Using 23 search terms related to microbiology and infectious diseases, domestic and overseas publications were retrieved with bibliographic databases, KoreaMed and PubMed, respectively. For all search terms, the number of Korean publications from both databases increased up to 50 times in the 2000s compared with that of the 1980s. For the majority of the search terms, the numbers of domestic literature retrieved with KoreaMed were higher than those of overseas literature retrieved with PubMed. However, for several search terms, the results obtained with PubMed outnumbered those of KoreaMed in the last decade. In summary, the number of publications related to microbiology and infectious diseases by Korean researchers have recently increased both in domestic and overseas medical journals.

Figures and Tables

Figure 1
Number of newly certified infectious diseases (ID) physicians (bar), and cumulative number per calendar year (solid line) in Korea.
Figure 2
Numbers of publications in Korean literature retrieved with KoreaMed versus PubMed. Search terms were related to bacteria (A), other microorganisms (B), antimicrobial agents (C), and syndromes, infection control, or antimicrobial resistance (D). Numbers of results retrieved with KoreaMed should be multiplied by 4 for 'fever' and by 2 for 'pneumonia'. Abbreviations : HIV/AIDS, human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; CVC, central venous catheter.


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Baek-Nam Kim

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