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Park, Hong, Doo, Han, Oh, and Ryu: Transient Left Ventricle Systolic Dysfunction in Amniotic Fluid Embolism


Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a rare peripartum complication with a mortality rate of 61 to 86%. The main clinical manifestations include shock, acute pulmonary edema, neurologic signs, and coagulopathies. Most diagnosis of AFE is made on the postmortem examination of the maternal pulmonary vasculature, but antemortem confirmation of amniotic fluid material by aspiration of pulmonary blood is rare. We report the first case in Korea who survived from amniotic fluid embolism confirmed by the identification of amniotic fluid debris in pulmonary artery blood. Serial echocardiographic changes of left ventricle systolic dysfunction are also described with a brief review of literatures.

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