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Kang, Choi, Park, Kwak, Choi, Kim, JEon, and Park: A Clinical Study of Antihypertensive Effect of Fosinopril in Essential Hypertension



This study was designed to evaluate the safety and the efficacy of fosinopril(Monopril®) in the treatment of mild to moderate essential hypertension.


Fosinopril(10mg) once a day was administrated as a starting dose in 20 patients with essential hypertension in the morning and a one step upward titration was performed(fosinopril 20mg once a day, after 4 weeks treatment).


After 2 weeks treatment with dose of 10mg, the systolic blood pressure(SBP) was decreased(183.8±28.5 vs, 161.5±25.9mmHg, p<0.05) and the diastolic blood pressure(DBP) was also decreased significantly(108.3±9.3 vs, 96.6±10.3mmHg, p<0.05). The effect of fosinopril were maintained. The SBP an DBP were decreased in 14 out of 20 patients till 8 weeks. There was no significant change in heart rate before and after fosinopril treatment(74.3±10 vs, 76.4±7.9beats/min). Fosinopril had no significant effects on laboratory findings such as serum creatinin, BUN, AST/ALT, WBC, Platelet and lipid profiles. Mild dry coughing was noticed only in 5 patients and it did not disturb continuing medication.


Fosinopril is an effective antihypertensive agent, as monotherapy once a day in patients with mild to moderate hypertension.

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