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Ha, Lee, and Jeong: An Experimentally Induced Fat Embolism in the Rabbit Lung: High-resolution CT and Pathologic Findings


PURPOSE: To assess the high-resolution CT and pathologic findings of fat embolism experimentally induced in rabbit lung. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twelve rabbits were divided into four groups, namely control, 2-hour, 24-hour, and 72-hour, with three rabbits in each, and closed tibiofibular fractures were induced. After the rabbits were sacrificed, high-resolution CT scanning of the artificially inflated lungs was performed, and the CT findings were analyzed by two radiologists. They determined the presence or absence of ground glass opacity or consolidation, the extent of the lesions (using a 10% grading scale), and their distribution, reaching a consensus. The pathologic findings were analyzed using the specimens prepared by H

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