Journal List > J Korean Radiol Soc > v.40(2) > 1068495

Jin and Choi: Ultrasonographic and MR Findings of Cysticercosis in Soft Tissue: A Case Report


We describe an unusual case of cysticercosis in soft tissue. On US, a well-defined oval shaped cystic lesionwith an inner central hyperechoic portion was noted. This portion showed high signal intensity on T1-weightedimages and equivocal enhancement. On MRI, other portions of the lesion showed their cystic nature. Pathologicexamination confirmed the presence of cysticercosis and, in particular, the central portion was found to be amural nodule with scolex. Cysticercosis in the soft tissue and musculature of patients from endemic areas shouldthus be considered in the differential diagnosis of an incidental mass, especially when this is cystic and has aninner central nodule.

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