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Huh, Sung, and Park: Manifestations of lymphoma in plain chest x-ray


Lymphoma can involve the thoracic region as primary lesions or a part of generalized lymphomatousmanifestations. It has been thought that early detection of intrathoracic manifestations of lymphoma is veryimportant for treatment and prognosis. So the authors analyze the 150 cases of lymphoma and their manifestations.The results are as follows; 1. Intrathoracic invovlement of lymphoma occurred about 50% of all cases and morefrequently in males than females with the ratio of 4:1. 2. Hodgkin's lymphoma(59%) involves the thoracic regionmore often than Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma(52%) 3. The most frequent manifestations of lymphoma in chest X-ray aremediastinal lymphadenopathy(30%) and hilar lymphadenopathy(22%). 4. Parenchymal lesions are seen in 27% of cases.5. Pleural effusion (13%) and pericardial effusion (6%) are also occurred and rarely chest wall mass is noted.

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