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Hwang: Concept Analysis of Insight



This study is aimed to analyze and clarify the ambiguous concept of insight.


This study used the process of Walker & Avant's concept analysis.


Insight can be defined in terms of its attributes as follows: Insight 1) comes as a release to the tension of inquiry, (2) is the outcome of the process to discover the overall structure of the problem situation and psychologically restructurize it, (3) comes suddenly and unexpectedly, (4) is to clearly perceive the solution of the abstract problem, and (5) promotes obtaining another new insight. The antecedents of insight include inquiry that can not be resolved easily and also a state where basic knowledge related to the inquiry can be utilized. The consequence of the insight is (1) a new judgement is made, (2) the problem is solved, (3) previous insight is retained and transferred, and it also facilitates the generation of fresh insight, and (4) it passes into the habitual texture of one's mind.


Nurse educators need to facilitate nursing students and nurses to accumulate systematically, various information that can become the basis of insight and provide them with an opportunity to experience a variety of problems. In addition, it is important to provide questions to learners as an education strategy to allow them to gain insight into problem solving. From now on, insight needs to be studied in conjunction with critical thinking and questioning in order to enhance nurses' ability to resolve problems.

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