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Kim: A Study on Health-related Quality of Life, Smoking Knowledge, Smoking Attitude, and Smoking Cessation Intention in Male Smokers



This study was conducted to examine the relationship among health-related quality of life, smoking knowledge, smoking attitude, and smoking cessation intention in male smokers.


The subjects were 259 male smokers in J city. The data was collected using structured questionnaires from Nov. to Dec. of 2003. The data was analyzed by the SPSS (ver.10.0)computer program, and it included descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, the Pearson correlation coefficient, and Stepwise Multiple Regression.


The smoking cessation intention had a significant positive correlation among health-related quality of life (r=.159), smoking knowledge (r=.161), and smoking attitude (r=.127). These variables account for 26.8% of smoking cessation intention.


These results suggested that the smoking cessation program to enhance the health-related quality of life, smoking knowledge, and smoking cessation intention and to increase a negative influence on smoking attitude need to be developed. Therefore, these findings give useful information for constructing a smoking cessation program in male smokers.

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