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Choi: Effects of a Constipation Intervention Program on Inpatients' Defecation



The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a constipation reduction program for inpatients.


Subjects were selected in one medical ward of C University Hospital from May, 2001 to November, 2001. Twenty-nine subjects were assigned to an experimental group and 32 subjects to a control group. Data related to the frequency of defecation and to the length and amount of laxative drugs used was collected by a medical record review and data on the degree of constipation was obtained by a self-report using a constipation assessment scale.


More than 90% of the subjects admitted in the department of neurology and one third of total subjects presented with activity limitation and about one fourth of the subjects were fed with a nasogastric tube. There was a significant difference in the degree of constipation, frequency of defecation, and the length and amount of laxative drug use between the two groups.


This program is effective in inpatient's constipation reduction. Further studies need to apply this program in various clinical environments and properly use this program in different clinical settings.

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