Journal List > J Korean Acad Nurs > v.32(3) > 1062952

Han, Hur, and Kang: Effects of Aromatherapy on the Stress Response of College Women with Dysmenorrhea during Menstruation


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to verify the effect of aromatherapy on the stress response in menstrual period. METHODS: A randomized, single-blind, pretest- posttest design was used. The study subjects were 60 college women with dysmenorrhea and they were randomized into 3 groups, experimental, 1st control(placebo) and 2nd control group. The researchers massaged treatment oil(3% dilution essential oil of Lavender, Clary sage and Rose) into the abdomen of experimental group. The placebo group used almond oil(carrier oil) instead, and the 2nd control group did not give any treatment. Baseline data including pre- treatment stress response score were obtained on the first day of usual period. Aromatherapy provided for about 7 days until the next cycle began. Post-treatment stress responses were measured by 94 item SOS(symptom of stress) scale on the first day of the cycle. RESULTS: As a results, the stress response score of experimental group was significantly lower than two control groups. And there was no significant difference in stress responses of two control groups. CONCLUSION: The results show aromatherapy using selected essential oils to be an effective intervention for stress response during menstruation.

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