Journal List > J Korean Acad Nurs > v.30(5) > 1062710

Lee, Shin, Park, Jeong, Lee, Choi, Lee, Kim, Sim, and Park: Patient Severity Classification in a Medical ICU using APACHE III and Patient Severity Classification Tool


The purpose of this study was to verify the validity of the Patient Severity Classification Tool by examining the correlations between the APACHE III and the Patient Severity Classification Tool and to propose admission criteria to the ICU. The instruments used for this study were the APACHE III developed by Knaus and thePatient Severity Classification Tool developed by Korean Clinical Nurses Association. Data was collected from the 156 Medical ICU patients during their first 24 hours of admission at the Seoul National University Hospital by three trained Medical ICU nurses from April 20 to August 31 1999. Data were analyzed using the frequency, X2, Wilcoxon rank sum test, and Spearman rho. There was statistically significant correlations between the scores of the APACHE III and the Patient Severity Classification Tool. Mortality rate was increased as patients classification of severity in both the APACHE III and the Patient Severity Classification Tool scored higher. The Patient Severity Classification Tool was proved to be a valid and reliable tool, and a useful tool as one of the severity predicting factors, ICU admission criteria, information sharing between ICUs, quality evaluations of ICUs, and ICU nurse staffing. 1) This paper was awarded the first prize at the Seoul National Hospital Nursing Department Research Contest.

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