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Yom: The Development and Effect Analysis of an Internet Based Nursing Program: Application to Nursing Informatics


The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate an internet based program for nursing informatics. The course subject, Nursing Informatics, was made by a computerized instructional module using the internet. The program was developed after taking into consideration the level of competence and knowledge in the subjects. It was based on 10 steps of the CAI module developed by Alessi and Trollip. The subjects consisted of 76 junior nursing students taking a Nursing Informatics course. Two sets of questionnaires were used for this study. First, a questionnaire was administered to 76 students to collect general information on their experience while using computers and the internet. Secondly, another questionnaire was administrated to 76 students after they took the course. They were asked to evaluate the program in terms of easiness of use, precision of contents, freshness of contents, motivation in learning, effectiveness of learning, enhancement of communication, precision of screen, and interest in the contents. IDs and passwords were given to the students. The students were asked to write their IDs and passwords when they connected to Nursing Informatics ( They were led the menu page which was categorized into 8 icons (i. e., syllabus, lecture notes, quick test, Q & A board, assignment, on-line test, related web sites and mailing lists) after confirming their IDs and passwords. The students' responses were very positive. This program was a very useful in increasing the effectiveness of learning and motivation in the students. Suggest to be use for other nursing courses.

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