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Han and Cho: A Study on the Experience of Fundamental Nursing Practice


The purpose of this study was to understand and to explain how were nursing students experienced and accepted the fundemental nursing practice. In addition to, the results of this study are attempted to contribute for offer of basic data in projecting and accomplishing to promote quality practice education. The participants were 790 freshmen of S College of Nursing in kyungi-do. They presented record of feeling and thinking on their the foundemental nursing practice experience. The data were collected from 29, June to 10, July in 1998. Collected data was analyzed by means of Van Kaam's phenomenological method. The results of this study was founded 423 descriptive expression and they were grouped under 42 common factors and they were grouped under 9 categories. By means of the frequency on the categories, the higher category is Anxiety, next Solemn, Flutter, Pride, Usefulness, Recognition of reality in nursing-system, Lack of practice environment, Self-accusation, Comprehension of nursing spirit were founded. 5 common factors, Tension, Difficulty, Dread, Apprehension, Burden were grouped under Anxiety. 7 common factors, Pledge, Memory, importance of practice, Sincerity, Restriction of dress, Acceptance, Active attitude were grouped under Solemn. 5 common factors, Interest, Strange, Beanimated, Waiting, Curiosity were grouped under Flutter. 5 common factors, Conceit, Self-confidence, Skilled, Worth, Accomplishment were grouped under Pride. 6 common factors, acknowledge of nursing affairs, Expectation of future, Fascination of nursing, Acquirement of disposition of nurse, Association of injection, Actual Feeling of dept. of nursing were grouped under Recognition of reality in nursing-system. 4 common factors, Lack of practice time, Many persons of practice, Lack of practice instrument, Lack of reality were grouped under Lack of practice environment. 5 common factors, Inconvenient, Reflection, Loss of pride, Shyness, Feeling sorry were grouped under Self-accusation. 3 common factors, utility, Connection of practice and theory, Various experience were grouped under Usefulness. 2 common factors, Comprehension on the dignity of human, Comprehension on a point of view of patient were grouped under Comprehension of nursing spirit. In conclusion, the following recommendation should be necessary a supplementary study to approach on the type of students that has a firm view and care about client prior to clinical nursing practice.

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