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Yu: Is it necessary to put "cutoff levels of food specific IgE" in between the glass and the table in your office?

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Table 1

Predictive values of food allergen-specific IgE levels*

Allergen Cutoff (kU/L) Diagnostic accuracy (%)
Sensitivity Specificity PPV NPV
 ≥ 2 yr 15 57 94 95 53
 < 2 yr 5 - - > 95 -
 ≥ 2 yr 7 61 95 98 38
 < 2 yr 2 - - 95 95
Peanut 14 57 100 100 36
Fish 20 25 100 100 89
Soy 30 44 94 73 82
Wheat 26 61 92 74 87

PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value.

*Adapted from references.2,3,4,5)


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