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Park, Kim, Chang, Chang, Park, and Jung: Temporal Hollowing Augmentation with Titanium Mesh after Autologous Cranioplasty in Temporal Muscle Resected Case: A Case Report


Temporal fossa hollowing can represent a serious cosmetic concern to patients after post-traumatic surgery, oncological resection, or surgical dissection for obtaining access to the temporal area. Various methods have been described to augment temporal fossa hollowing, such as use of autogenous bone and cartilage implants, high-density polyethylene implants, and dermal fat grafts. We report a case of 22-year-old man with temporal fossa hollowing after post-traumatic surgery, including temporal muscle resection, whose defect was augmented by using titanium mesh even though long after cranioplasty.


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Sequential brain computerized tomography (CT) scan. A: Before the surgery for temporal hollowing, the left temporal area shows a defect compared to the right temporal area, because of previous temporal muscle resection. B: Two months after operation, the scan shows temporal fossa hollowing disappeared by augmentation using titanium mesh. C: Six months after operation, the cosmetic improvement persisted throughout the outpatient follow-up period.
Immediate postoperative skull anteroposterior and lateral X-ray shows temporal fossa augmentation using titanium mesh. The mesh was fastened with screw on frontal and parietal bone and lateral orbital limb, and zygomatic arch.
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