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Lee, Lee, and Ko: Evaluation of KDSQ-C's Reliability and Validity between the Subject Elderly and Caregiver



This study is exploratory research to check the survey instrument KDSQ-C used to measure cognition for agreement between the elderly and their caregivers.


Elderly persons from 170 families, who are aged over 65, have never been diagnosed with dementia, and who have caregivers in S City and K City were randomly selected by their nurses. A survey was conducted in the time from September to November, 2009 through personal interviews using a questionnaire.


In terms of consistency among items, there was high consistency (0.813) in the responses regarding complex task competence for the statement 'it is hard to reach a destination alone with public transportation'. There was relatively low consistency (0.63) in the responses regard memory for the statement 'they forget an appointment'. When the subject elderly and caregiver live together, as when their children or spouses responded, consistency was greater than when the caregiver lived in a different home.


KDSQ-C showed high agreement in measurement between the subject elderly and their caregivers, demonstrating that it can be used as a measurement scale for cognition which can be directly applied to the subject elderly.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
General characteristics of Study Participants & Caregivers (N=170)

Friend, caregiver, neighbor etc.

Table 2
Agreement and Kappa Index of KDSQ-C between Responders
Table 3
Comparison of KDSQ-C between Responders
Table 4
Kappa Index of Each Question of KDSQ-C between Responders
Table 5
Comparison of KDSQ-C by Characteristics of Responders


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