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Lee and Kim: The Effects of Hand Acupuncture · Moxibustion Therapy on Elders' Shoulder Pain, ADL/IADL and Sleep Disorders



The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of hand acupuncture·moxibustion therapy on elders' shoulder pain, ADL/IADL and sleep disorder.


This is quasi-experimental with none equivalent control group pretest posttest design. The subjects were randomly assigned to one of Experimental Group A (Ceramic Seoammoxa therapy) (n=20), Experimental Group B (Seoampellet therapy) (n=18), Experimental Group C (Ceramic Seoammoxa and Seoampellet therapy) (n=20), and a control group (n=20). The intervention was applied 3 times per week for 6 weeks. NRS, Song's ADL/IADL scale, Oh, Shin and Kim's sleep disorders scale were used.


Hypothesis "Both shoulder pain and the level of sleep disorders of the experimental group A, B and C would be lower than the control group" was supported (p<.001). Hypothesis "ADL/IADL of the experimental group A, B and C would be higher than the control group" was supported (p<.001). In 3 weeks after the experiment, the experimental group A, B and C showed significant difference in change of ADL/IADL (p=.013). In 6 weeks after the experiment, the experimental group A, B and C showed significant difference in change of ADL/IADL (p<.001) and sleep disorders (p<.001).


Consequently, the hand acupuncture·moxibustion was an effective therapy in relieving shoulder pain and sleep disorders and improving ADL/IADL among elders.

Figures and Tables

Figure 1
The points of ceramic seoammoxa & seoampellet theapy
Table 1
Homogeneity Test on General Characteristics (N=78)

S/D/O=sons/daughters/others; ES=elementary school; MS=middle school; SPD=shoulder pain duration.

Fisher's exact test.

Table 2
Homogeneity Test on Shoulder Pain, ADL/IADL and Sleep Disorders (N=78)
Table 3
Repeated Measure ANOVA on Shoulder Pain, ADL/IADL, Sleep Disorders (N=78)

Post verification *Shoulder pain: Exp. A, Exp. B, Exp. C < Cont.

*ADL/IADL: Exp. B, Exp. C > Cont.

*Sleep disorders: Exp. C < Cont.

Table 4
Comparison of Pain, ADL/IADL and Sleep Disorders before and after 3 Weeks among 3 Exp. Group (N=78)

Exp.=experimental group.

Table 5
Comparison of Pain, ADL/IADL and Sleep Disorders before and after 6 Weeks among 3 Exp. Group (N=78)

Exp.=experimental group.


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