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Park and Jang: Nursing Students' Experience in Community Health Center Practice



The objective of this study was to understand the meaning of experience on community health centers (post) practice of nursing students.


This is qualitative research using focus groups. Data were collected through in-depth interviews performed from November 10 to December 11, 2009. The focus group interviews were conducted to 22 nursing students on their subjective experiences. The data were analyzed by the Colaizzi's method, in which the meaningful statements were extracted.


Seven theme-clusters were identified from fourteen themes and thirty-one sub-themes. The seven theme-clusters were 1) widening of experiences; 2) feeling of warm heart; 3) feeling of satisfaction; 4) feeling of being unfulfilled; 5) difficulties; 6) new awareness; and 7) good memories.


Through a variety of relationships and self-regulation in community health centers (post) practice, the nursing students may have the feeling of worthiness, new awareness of community nursing, and visions for the future to rebuild.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
Experience on Community Health Centers Practice of Nursing Students


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