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Lee, Park, and Jo: Influence of Knowledge and Awareness on Nursing Students' Performance of Standard Infection Control Guidelines



In this study an examination was done of nursing students' knowledge, awareness and performance of standard precaution guidelines designed to prevent medical-related infections.


Participants in this study were 184 junior and senior college nursing students who completed a clinical practice. Data collection was done from December 3 to 21, 2016 and was analyzed using SPSS/WIN 18.0.


The mean score for awareness of standard precautions was 4.77±0.35, and the mean score for performance of standard precautions was 4.45±0.41. Performance was lower than awareness. Knowledge of standard precautions had a positive correlation with performance of standard precautions (r=.23, p=.002). There was also a positive correlation between awareness and performance of standard precautions (r=.49, p<.001). Stepwise regression analysis showed that the factors affecting the performance of standard precaution totaled 27.3% of determination coefficient due to the degree of observation and knowledge, awareness of standard precautions.


The results of this study show that factors influencing performance of standard precautions are the degree of observation of the students themselves and their knowledge and awareness of standard precautions and also provide basic data necessary to develop education programs for nursing students to improve their performance of standard precautions.

Figures and Tables

Table 1

Performance of Standard Precautions according to General Characteristics (N=184)


*Plural response.

Table 2

Subjects' Knowledge on Standard Precautions (N=184)


etc.=et cetera.

Table 3

Degree of Awareness and Performance on Standard Precautions (N=184)


*Except inexperienced subjects; Inexp.=Inexperience; e.g.=exempli gratia.

Table 4

Correlation among Knowledge, Awareness, Performance of Standard Precautions (N=184)

Table 5

Factors Influencing Performance on Standard Precautions (N=184)




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