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Kim and Yi: Effects on Knowledge and Performance in Clinical Nursing of Education on Nursing Recording Focusing on Legal Aspects



The purpose of this study was to examine the effects on knowledge and performance in clinical nurses who participated in education on nursing recording focusing on the legal aspects.


The participants were working in medical departments in one hospital. There were 32 nurses in the experimental group and 25 in the control group. Pre-test was conducted on the two groups before education, and, in order to examine the effects of education, a post-test was conducted after three weeks. For the experimental group, the education on nursing recording focusing on legal aspects was provided as a lecture-led one-to-one training.


Significant differences were found between the experimental and control groups in knowledge (F=15.728, p<.001), and performance (F=42.454, p<.001).


The results of this study indicate that education on nurse recording enhances the knowledge and performance of the nurses. Thus education on nurse recording focusing on legal aspects should be required in the area of nursing science.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
Normality test
Table 2
Homogeneity between experimental and control groups (N=57)
Table 3
Differences between experimental and control groups (N=57)
Table 4
Hypothesis testing (N=57)

*Measured by ANCOVA with pre-test value as covariate: R2=.511 (Adjusted R2=.496): R2=.418 (Adjusted R2=.399)


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