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Kim, Jang, and Kim: Evaluation of statistical methods in the Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology published from 2000 to 2006



This article is purposed to present the correct statistic method by pointing out the statistical errors after analyzing the method of articles that were published in Korean Academy Journal of Periodontology and made statistic processes in them.


488 science papers which being put in Korean Academy Journal of Periodontology published from 2000 to 2006 was divided according to year.


In the 308 articles that applied statistic methods, 59 articles (50.0%), the largest portion of all, were included the case that applied incorrect parametric statistic method when needed to apply parametric statistics and 38 articles (32.2%) were included in the case that applied incorrect parametric statistic method when needed to apply non-parametric statistics.


It is necessary to present the cases of inappropriate statistical methods in order to improve the quality of academic researches. Also, to apply adequate methods of statistics, it is suggested to report the articles periodically which are comparing and analyzing the statistical methods that are applied in the international articles in periodontal field.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
Number of the Articles (unit : number)
Table 2
Number of the Articles Using Statistics (( ) : %)
Table 3
Number of Statistical Techniques Applied (( ) : %)
Table 4
Number of Parametric and Non-parametric Methods Used (( ) : %)
Table 5
Number of Statistical Techniques Used According to Data Form (( ) : %)
Table 6
Error of Statistical Method Used (( ) : %)
Table 7
Frequencies of Error of According to Statistical Techniques Applied (( ) : %)


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