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Kim, Kim, Kim, Shim, and Huh: Comparison of periodontology terminology between South and North Korea



Terminology is a good index of reflections in conceptional imaginations, trends and technological advances in the field of their own. The purpose of this study is to compare the similarity and difference of terms in periodontology to evaluate the communicability between South and North Korea. These result may be particularly helpful for making glossary, academic communication and social unity at the time of reunion.


This study was carried out by searching northern periodontology terminologies used in literatures published in North Korea and comparing those terms with the southern terms. The standard northen terms were not able to be distinguished, so the terms used frequently were chosen as the standard northern terms.


The South and North both use terms that stem from Chinese characters, but this tendency is stronger in the South. The main differences between the South and North are due to the North Korea's effort in converting terms into the native languages. There are also some differences in inscription of foreign language, spelling and spacing, and so on.


The terminology using in South and North Korea in the field of periodontology is somewhat different but both side can be capable of communication. Now the basic efforts in both parts must be taken, such as establishing new terms, in order to relieve these differences.

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