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J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2000 Jun;30(2):429-441. Korean.
Published online June 30, 2000.
Copyright © 2000 Korean Academy of Periodontology
The Effect of a Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler with Curette Tip on Root Substitute Removal in Vitro
Young-Kyoo Lee
University of Ulsan College of Medicine Asan Medical Center, Korea.

Based on current evidence in the literature, it is known that endotoxin is a weakly adherent surface phenomenon and that power-driven instruments can be used to accomplish definitive root detoxification and maximal wound healing without overinstrumentation of root and without extensive cementum removal. And one of the newly developed curette tips used with low power of piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler, is effective to remove calculus and not to remove the excessive cementum. The purpose of this study is therefore, to assess the influence of ultrasonic power and various working parameters on root substitute removal when instrumentation is performed with the curette tip on piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler. This study assessed defect depth, width and area resulting from instrumentation using a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with a curette type tip in vitro to acrylic resin block as a root substitute. The working parameters was standardized by the sledge device which controls lateral force(0.5 N, 1 N, 2 N) and instrumentation time(5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec) and power setting was adjusted 0,2,4,8 in P mode. Power setting had the greatest influence on defect depth compared to lateral force and instrumentation time(standardized regression parameter estimates±standard error, 0.37±0.02, 0.19±0.02, 0.07±0.02). The effects on defect area also greatest for power setting(0.57±0.03) compared to lateral force and instrumentation time(0.33±0.03, 0.12±0.03). The effect of the power setting on the defect width(0.15±0.01) is not so great as defect depth or defect area compared to lateral force(0.12±0.01) and effect of instrumentation time is minimal(0.02±0.01). It could be concluded that the power setting has the greatest influence on the defect depth and area in curette type tip with low power of piezoelectric ultrasonic device. Many parameters can be adjusted in various situation in clinical use of piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler but the power setting is the first parameter to be adjusted.

Keywords: dental instrument; periodontal disease; ultrasonic scaler; root substitute; ultrasonic power