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Kim, Kim, Kim, and Park: Bilateral Segmental Neurofibromatosis with Partial Unilateral Lentiginosis -Case Report with Review of the Literature-


Bilateral segmental neurofibromatosis is a rare disease characterized by bilateral neurofibromas, with or without pigmented lesion, or unilateral neurofibromas with contralateral pigmented lesion, limited to a body segment. Partial unilateral lentiginosis is characterized by numerous lentigines localized to a body segment, often corresponding to one or more dermatome. Bilateral segmental neurofibromatosis combined with partial unilateral lentiginosis is very rare, and to our knowledge, only 2 cases have been reported in English literature. We herein report another case of bilateral segmental neurofibromatosis with partial unilateral lentiginosis in a 46-year-old woman.

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