Journal List > Ann Dermatol > v.14(3) > 1044758

Lee, Lee, Chung, Chung, and Lee: A Case of Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor in Renal Transplant Recipient


Buschke-Lowenstein tumor is a rare disease in the category of designated as verrucous carcinoma characterized by its invasive downward penetration of underlying tissues in the perineum and perianal regions. Viruses, unclean sanitation and cytotoxic immune reaction have been proposed as the etiology of the tumor. However, among all the causes, recent studies have emphasized on the associaton of the tumor and human papilloma virus (HPV). Expecially, HPV also has been discovered in several cutaneous and anogenital lesions of solid organ transplant recipients. We herein report a case of Buschke-Lowenstein tumor in a renal transplant recipient with HPV 6 and 16 coinfection proved by HPV genotyping of DNA extracted from the biopsy specimen of the tumor.

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