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Lee, Chung, Koh, and Sir: Variation of branches of the ophthalmic artery in Korean adults


Branches of the ophthalmic artery were dissected and observed under the surgical microscope in 80 side orbits of Korean adults. Branches of the ophthalmic artery were divided into seven types according to their arrangement and their embryology were discussed. B type in the most common, older of branches was medial posterior ciliary artery, central artery of retina, lateral posterior ciliary, lacrimal, medial muscular, supraorbital, posterior ethmoidal and anterior ethmoidal artery (41.3%). The lacrimal artery originating from the middle meningeal artery was observed only in types A, B and D, and its incidence was 30% over all. One variation was observed where a main ophthalmic artery arose from the middle meningeal artery and a lateral posterior ciliary artery arose from the internal carotid artery with no communication between two ; it happened due to disappearance of double segment of the embryonic arterial ring. In two sides a central artery of the retina and a lateral posterior ciliary artery arose from another part due to intrasegmertal division at the dorsal primitive ophthalmic artery. Main branches at the first part were the central artery of retina and the lateral posterior ciliary artery ; at the second part they were the lacrimal artery and the lateral muscular artery ; and at the third they were mainly medial muscular, supraorbital and posterior and anterior ethmoidal arteries. But according to types, branches at certain parts varied. The first branch of the ophthalmic artery was the most common trunk of central artery of the retina, and medial posterior ciliary artery than the central artery of retina. The incidence, the original site and the mode of origin of branches were studied, and the results were discussed embryologically.

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