Journal List > Korean J Phys Anthropol > v.17(4) > 1038874

Lee, Lee, Lee, Min, Lee, Yeo, Kwon, Lee, Kang, Lee, Chung, Kim, Kim, and Lee: BF-7 Improved Memory Function and Protected Neuron from Oxidative Stress


Endogenously or exogenously generated oxidative stress impair organs, especially brain. Also, the oxidative stress appears to be a negative factor on normal brain function, like memory and cognition. Our result showed that BF-7, extracted from Bombyx mori, effectively diminished oxidative stress, leading to the protection of neuron from reactive oxygen species donated by FeSO4 . Clinical experiments showed that BF-7 significantly improved memory and cognitive functions of normal adults in a dose-dependent manner. Thus, our results suggest that BF-7 play a role in the improvement of brain functions by removing oxidative stress, and provide therapeutic potential role of BF-7 to protect nervous system from oxidative damage.

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