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Kim, Kim, Lee, Yang, Yoo, and Chun: The 'β-wire Technique' for the Fixation of Ulnar Styloid Process Fracture - Surgical Technique -


For the fixation of ulnar styloid process fracture, we want to introduce the 'β-wire technique', which is easy to learn and practice and thought to give a compressive force to the fracture site.

Figures and Tables

Fig. 1
(A) The 'β-wire' in AP view, (B) lateral view and (C) oblique view. Be sure that the straight part and the hooked part nearly contact each other.
Fig. 2
(A) Holding the 'sigmoid' part of the 'β-wire', insert the 'straight' part in the distal fragment.
(B) After that using the 'joy stick method', reduce the distal part to the proximal part and insert the wire deeply.
(C) One or two taps using a small mallet would be applicable or not.
Fig. 3
(A) Tracking the hooked part proximally, be sure to watch the extent of it.
(B) Using a drill, make a hole.
(C) Tracking the hooked part proximally, insert it into the hole.
(D) To secure the insertion, one or two taps using a small mallet would be applicable.
Fig. 4
(A, B) Intraoperative films show the ulnar styloid process fracture.
(C~E) Post operative films show anatomical reduction using the 'β-wire'.
Fig. 5
(A, B) Other postoperative films show loss of elasticity of wires because the wire was too thin and the distance between the straight part and the hooked part was wide at first. Using a drill makes it difficult to feel a penetrating sense; we could find the wire was not inside of the bone during operation.


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