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Park: Patient Accompanied with Simultaneous Anterior Dislocation of Hip and Anterior Dislocation of Knee: A Case Report


We are reporting a case that a 61-year-old patient who had simultaneous anterior dislocation of left hip and anterior dislocation of right knee after fall from a height injury was treated by closed reduction respectively.

Figures and Tables

Fig. 1
Radiographs show Prereduction state.
(A) Radiographs show anterior dislocation of left hip (B) Radiographs show anterior dislocation of right knee.
Fig. 2
Radiographs show postreduction state.
(A, B) Post-reduction radiographs show complete reduction.
Fig. 3
(A, B) MRI findings indicate the ruptures of the ACL and the PCL.
(C, D) MRI findings indicate the partial tears of the MCL and the LCL.
Fig. 4
Peripheral angiography shows no occlusion of blood flow.


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