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Nam and Ahn: Comparison of Stress, Social Support, and Marital Satisfaction between Married Immigrant Women in Urban and Rural Areas



The purpose of this study was to compare the levels of stress, social support, and marital satisfaction between married immigrant women living in urban areas and women living in rural areas to identify ways to improve their mental health.


Two hundred married immigrant women were recruited from multicultural family-support centers located in Daejeon City and Chungcheong Province. From July, 2009 to January, 2010, data were collected using self-administered questionnaire. Study instruments were scales for acculturative stress, housewives life stress, support from spouse, and marital satisfaction.


Urban married immigrant women had lower levels of acculturative stress and higher levels of support from spouse and more positive marital satisfaction compared to rural women. Both groups reported similar levels of stress in life as a housewife. Factors influencing marital satisfaction in both group were lower levels of acculturative and housewives life stress, higher levels of support from spouse, and living with parents-in-law.


Rural married immigrant women may have more problems in adjusting to Korean culture and marriage compared to urban women. Therefore, to improve the physical and psychological wellbeing and marital adjustment of married immigrant women, development of nursing strategies according to area of residence is needed.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
General Characteristics of Married Immigrant Women in Urban and Rural Area (N=200)
Table 2
Comparison of Housewives Life Stress, Acculturative Stress, Support from Spouse, and Marital Satisfaction between Married Immigrant Women in Urban and Rural (N=200)
Table 3
Relationships among Housewives Life Stress, Acculturative Stress, Support from Spouse, and Marital Satisfaction in Married Immigrant Women in Urban and Rural (N=200)
Table 4
Factors influencing Marital Satisfaction in Married Immigrant Women (N=200)


This article is a condensed form of the first author's master's thesis from Chungnam National University.


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