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Bae, Chang, Kim, and Kang: Effects of Guided imagery on Stress and Anxiety of Women Receiving in Vitro Fertilization



The purpose of this study was to identify effects of guided imagery on stress including cognitive, affective, marital and social, and anxiety among women receiving in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Data were collected between April, 21 and June, 17, 2008. The participants in this study were 57 women (26 for the experimental group, 31 for the control group) receiving IVF for primary or secondary infertility in one of the outpatient infertility centers in Seoul. The guided imagery (Suk, 2001) was provided through audio CD to the experimental group by themselves 8 minutes per day for 2 weeks. Data were analyzed by SPSS 12.0 windows program.


After guided imagery, the experimental group showed significantly lower affective stress and total stress scores. Anxiety scores increased significantly in the control group, but not in the experimental group after treatment.


The findings suggest that guided imagery is an effective nursing intervention for reducing stress especially affective stress and anxiety among infertile women receiving IVF in outpatient infertility center.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
Research Design

Yc1=infertility stress scale, VAS-A; Yc2=infertility stress scale, VAS-A; Ye1=infertility stress scale, VAS-A; X=guided imagery; Ye2=infertility stress scale, VAS-A

Table 2
Homogeneity Test for General & Infertile Characteristics

Exp.=experimental group; Cont.=control group.

Table 3
Homogeneity Test for Research Variables

Exp.=experimental group; Cont.=control group.

Table 4
Comparison of Research Variables between Experimental Group and Control Group

Exp.=experimental group; Cont.=control group.


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