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Kim and Yoo: Knowledge of Menstruation, Emotional Reaction to Menarche, Attitude toward Menstruation and Coping Behavior among Korean Primary School Students



The purposes of this study were to identify Korean primary school students' knowledge of menstruation, their emotional reaction to menarche, the attitude toward menstruation and coping behaviors.


A cross-sectional survey design was employed in this study. The subjects were 200 female students who were recruited from 5th and 6th grade in five primary schools in J city, Korea. Data was collected by a structured questionnaire.


About forty-four percent of the subjects had experiences with menarche. The mean age of menarche was 12.4. The mean score of the students' knowledge of menstruation was 2.26 on a seven point scale. The mean scores of the emotional reaction to menarche and the attitude toward menstruation were 3.20 and 3.74 on a five point scale, respectively. Knowledge of menstruation was significantly related with a positive emotional reaction to menarche and a positive attitude toward menstruation. Also, there were significant differences in the knowledge of menstruation, the emotional reaction to menarche and attitude of menstruation among female students with positive coping behaviors and those without positive coping behaviors.


Beyond the simple transference of knowledge, girls need to also be given mental and emotional support in order to minimize emotional and socio-psychological problems caused by early menarche.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
The mean of knowledge of menstruation (N=200)
Table 2
Knowledge of menstruation depending on menarche (N=200)
Table 3
Emotional reaction to menarche and attitude toward menstruation among those who experienced menarche (N=87)
Table 4
Coping behaviors during menstruation (N=87)
Table 5
Correlations among knowledge of menstruation, emotional reaction to menarche, and attitude toward menstruation in those who experienced menarche (N=87)
Table 6
The differences in knowledge of menstruation, emotional reaction to menarche, and attitude toward menstruation by menstruation coping behaviors (N=87)

*p < 0.05


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